Our most recent newsletter

Sensitive to over-stuffed email in-boxes, we send out a very occasional newsletter to subscribers updating them on what’s new in the platform. Today we sent out the most recent newsletter, shared here with you as well:

Hello again, wonderful DAFinitive® subscriber!

You asked for it – We did it!

  • Quite a few folks wrote to ask if we could provide information about the minimum investment required by each DAF sponsor to open a fund. It was such a great idea that we decided to add it to our public Donor Advised Funds Resources page so that everyone can access it. When you go to the resources page, look for a link in the left column under General Information About DAFs. It’s a dynamic document that we’re adding to every time we find new information, so keep checking back for additions.
  • You can now search by sponsor! The drop-down menu serves a double purpose of also showing you which funds are in DAFinitive®, so you can always check to see if the one you’re looking for is in there.

As always, if there are funds or sponsors that you would like to see added, just let us know and we’ll work on them next!

Other good news

Our resource page now has a news alert section to highlight up-to-the-minute articles via RSS about donor advised funds.

Fun statistics:

  • There are 61,343 funds in DAFinitive® as of today
  • That includes 1,556 non-US funds from Canada, the UK, and France.
  • State with the most funds in DAFinitive® = New York, with 3,386 funds.
  • State with the most sponsors captured = Indiana, with 14! (Go Indiana! Lots of community philanthropy there)

On this blog, DAFinitively Speaking, HBG’s Jayme Klein wrote a terrific article, “What Does the ACE Act Mean for DAF Donors?” which highlights legislation under consideration that could affect donor advised funds.

On the HBG blog, The Intelligent Edge, I wrote a recent article about innovative services that sponsors are providing DAF donors, called “Innovation in the DAF Space.”

Thanks for reading, thanks for your great ideas, and thanks for subscribing to DAFinitive®!